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Your Country Calls




Are Wanted




Clear and warm.

Heavier firing today than usual.

Quite a naval engagement this morning.


Among the first combat photographs taken in history, this is the scene J.W. Meek and the 75th Ohio would have witnessed from their camp on Morris Island. For all we know, he may be among the men seen below. Within the detail, we can make out the U.S.S. New Ironsides, the largest warship present at Charleston, on the far right providing cover for three or four iron-clad monitors approaching the entrance to the channel into Charleston Harbor. Smoke from her 11-inch Dahlgren guns can be seen billowing from her ports.


Taken on Morris Island in late August or early September, 1863, the silhouettes of the iron-clad monitors can be seen just on the horizon. This engagement certainly appears to be holding the interest of the men along the beach. 






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