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Your Country Calls




Are Wanted




Quite cool and very windy.

I was very sick with the Cholera-Morbus this afternoon.

Heavy firing in front.


With their losses sustained at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, the 75th Ohio could only count approximately 150 men in the ranks with 4 commissioned officers to lead them during the campaign on Morris Island. By the end of August, that number was reduced by almost half due to sickness and fatigue. Despite this attrition, the skeleton of the regiment remained on duty, taking regular shifts as "grand guard" to the engineer sappers and fatigue troops operating against Wagner.


Presumably, J.W. Meek was not alone with his bout of intestinal discomfort. With upwards of 10,000 men operating on the relatively small spaces of Folly and Morris Islands, communicable diseases, especially waterborne, abounded. 


 A detail from an image of a camp and depot on the southern end of Morris Island, taken in July or August, 1863. While it likely was staged in jest, it appears to be a gent in the midst of his morning constitutional...


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